We are leaders in Canadian fee based, digital, financial service. We will help you navigate your budget, wealth, insurance and if you're so inclined....cryptocurrencies


Our Mission

Make financial services accessible to everyone! Financial resources are abundant online but how does one make sense of all of it? How can one know for certain that the products and services they are receiving aren't decided on by the commission the advisor makes? Through our unique blend of digital tools, we are working make sense of the plethora of options available through our fee based financial service. 

What We can do for you

  • Set up and enforce a budget. We'll be watching
  • Navigate the various consumer products available to help you reduce your fees
  • Quarterly meetings to discuss your financial situation
  • Meaningful discussions around cryptocurrencies
  • Provide insurance products including life insurance, critical illness, disability insurance & health and dental insurance
  • Through our partners at WealthSimple & JustWealth, provide you with a wealth management plan that works
  • Work with our partners in property and casualty insurance, real estate, mortgages and book keeping to give you a truly holistic experience 
He’s a good kid. He finished his university degree in finance.
— Mama Rozdeba, Gregory Rozdeba's Mother