About Gregory Rozdeba

In 2008, while Greg was in undergrad, he watched the recession ravage Southern Ontario. He looked at ticker charts to try to understand what was going on, but all he saw were squiggly lines. He didn't know what was causing their fluctuations and, more importantly, why people were losing their nest eggs. Wanting to make sense of it, he decided to pursue a degree in Finance and Accountancy.

After graduating, Greg took a slight detour from the financial markets, turning his attention to technology and data. He joined Hewlett Packard where he enjoyed a few great years in sales, but found it somewhat unfulfilling. While he enjoyed the thrill of the technology world, he felt like something was missing. Ultimately, Greg wanted to work more closely with people - to help them achieve their goals. 

In 2017, Greg decided to finally combine his dual passions of technology and finance by launching his financial services advisory. His goal is to provide the best possible client experience by combining the best practices of both technology and financial advice. Since launch, the firm has grown at a rapid pace.